Total Repose

Thank You and Goodbye...for now...

Turn back the clocks to 2008, I was fresh out of the classroom with a shiny new certificate in hand and a new skill under my belt.

It's been a fun 10 years, lots of new things learnt, lots of new friends made and lots of knots and aches and pains dealt with, but it's time for me to take a break.

When I decided to train in massage, I never realised it would go in the direction it has, I was only doing it as a side hobby, I certainly never intended to setup a business, nor was I in it for the money. I carried on becuase I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed seeing the benefits my clients gained.

Many of you know that I taught for quite a while too, I thoroughly enjoyed that, and despite it being quite possibly the cause for many a new grey hair, seeing the students I taught come out the other side and go on to be successful therapists will always be something I treasure.

Over the past few month I have felt the "flame" dim a little and I've not felt as though I've been giving it my all. I have never had a huge client list, that was through choice, to enable me to focus on my main day job, and do a little massage as a bonus on the side. I could have chosen to go all out and advertise like crazy but then I would have been too busy and not had any "Me" time.

As I have looked at the costs of being a therapist - the things you see - Oils, Towels etc and all the running costs behind the scenes - Insurance etc, it's just not viable for me to continue right now, combined with my lack of focus and energy I feel now is a good time to pack up the massage table and take some time out. I doubt this will be the end for good, it's just the end for now.

From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank all the clients I have helped over the years and all the students that I taught, and all the tutors that helped me do this. Maybe in a year after a little break, I'll be back with a renewed energy, new skills and who knows what else!

Thank you...

Chris x

Aug 2018